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Sure, the Queen City is known as a major center for banking & finance.  But there is more to Charlotte than banking.

As featured in last week’s Charlotte Observer www.charlotteobserver.com, Mecklenburg County’s workers represent a truly diverse group of industry sectors. 

The Darton Group team was interested to review the Q4 2007 data as published by The North Carolina Department of Commerce www.nccommerce.com.  The data provides great insights into Mecklenburg County’s primary industry clusters, the number of workers employed in each sector, and the percentage of the workforce that each sector represents. 

So what are the major industry sectors and just what does Mecklenburg County’s workforce look like?

According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce, the county’s workforce is distributed among the following major industry clusters:

  • Retail:  58,555 workers = 10.4% of workforce
  • Finance & Insurance:  54,272 workers = 9.6% of workforce
  • Accommodations & Food:  47,631 workers = 8.4% of workforce
  • Administrative & Waste Services:  45,269 workers = 8% of workforce
  • Professional & Technical Services:  38,296 workers = 6.8% of workforce
  • Health Care & Social Assistance:  37,450 workers = 6.6% of workforce
  • Wholesale Trade:  37,059 workers = 6.6% of workforce
  • Construction:  36,200 workers = 6.4% of workforce
  • Manufacturing:  34,391 workers = 6.1 % of workforce

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