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We just reviewed the January 2013 issue of Consulting Magazine which includes an “Executive Outlook” of the consulting industry.  The magazine surveyed 251 consulting industry leaders (Managing Partners, Directors and Vice Presidents) in October and November of 2012 from a wide variety of firms (ranging greatly in terms of employee size and type of firm).

So what did we learn?

  • 80% of respondents predict revenue growth at their firms in 2013
  • 48% of respondents anticipate that their firms will increase revenue by 10% or more in 2013
  • 81% of respondents predict net profit growth in 2013
  • 40% of respondents anticipate that their firms will increase net profits by 10% or more in 2013

Overall, consulting industry leaders are confident and are bullish on the overall economy and the opportunities it presents for clients and consulting firms.  From a Charlotte-region perspective, the leadership team at DARTON GROUP shares in this enthusiasm and confidence.

Read the “2013 Executive Outlook” here.

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