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Wondering just what ranks among the top concerns of the SEC?

The latest issue of CFO magazine has just the answer for you.

6 years ago, the SEC began making its comment letters public on the EDGAR database.  With the assistance of Audit Analytic’s comment-letter database, CFO magazine recently analyzed SEC comment letters on USA companies’ annual and quarterly filings (dated between January 1, 2009 and January 1, 2010).

And what ranks among the “Top 10″ SEC concerns?

#10 – Related-party transactions

#9 – Debt, warrants, and equity issues

#8 – Revenue recognition

#7 – Non-GAAP measures

#6 – Segment reporting

#5 – Disclosure controls

#4 – Intangible assets and goodwill

#3 – Fair-value measurements

#2 – Executive compensation

#1 – Management discussion and analysis

Read the full article at CFO magazine.

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