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It is well understood that a divide often exists in organizations between the Finance and IT departments.

So just how wide is this divide?

According to a recent survey cited in CFO Magazine, the CFO “makes or leads IT investment strategy” in 45% of companies.  The survey (conducted by Financial Executives International and Gartner) also revealed that 75% of the CFOs surveyed have little confidence in their own IT departments.

Similarly, KPMG released survey findings this past April that reported that 73% of CFOs identified IT as the greatest risk to finance in meeting its objectives.

So how does the “Cloud” play a role in this battle?

Some executives believe that the emergence of the “Cloud” plays best to the strengths of the CFO vs. the CIO.  The ability to negotiate terms and conditions is typically a CFO strength – and this strength is key to negotiating business deals with third-party providers for technology services and computing power in the “Cloud”.

Learn more about the “Cloud” and the ongoing battle between Finance and IT here.

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