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Today we celebrate our 3rd anniversary in business at DARTON GROUP.

On July 1, 2008, we launched our company with a mission, and passion, to deliver the very best career opportunities and consulting expertise in the senior-level finance, accounting and project management space across the greater Charlotte region.

For those of you who took the opportunity back in 2008 to see past our humble “start-up” office in the Park Seneca building to understand, and believe in, our unique way of doing business – we are forever grateful.

3 years following our launch, we have survived the Great Recession and find the company thriving with a diverse portfolio of clients, an incredibly gifted team of consultants, and a rich network of partners and mentors.  We outgrew our start-up quarters and now find ourselves in funky and creative office space in Charlotte’s Dilworth neighborhood.

Despite these many changes over the past 3 years, our mission remains unchanged.

Thank you to our consultants, clients, employees, partners, mentors, friends and family for your wonderful support!

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