Three key challenges with making Data Analytics work
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Data analytics is a hot and happening field. Here are some tips from a data analyst[…]

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IFRS: Challenges and Implications that go beyond Accounting
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Companies reporting under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) continue[…]

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Welcome To The Solution Economy
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DARTON GROUP Consultants are known in the marketplace for collaborating with our[…]

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Must-Have Skills To Boost Your Consulting Career
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Landing that “dream consulting engagement” is what makes many people feel successful.[…]

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Key Challenges And Issues Shaping The Banking Industry
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 “Facing profitability pressures, growing regulatory compliance costs, and revenue-growth[…]

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How finance and accounting can boost innovation
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Not so long ago financial innovation was virtually a dirty word. Policy makers scorned[…]

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Companies looking to attract top talent should offer a flexible work environment
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There’s no question that working from home is on the forefront when it comes[…]

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Tips for an effective Team Presentation
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Whether you are a Project Manager, Program Manager, or Strategic Finance/Accounting[…]

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Think Successful and Be Successful!
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Everyone has things they are great at doing!  People who are the most successful[…]

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Innovation: More than Brainstorming New Ideas
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At The DARTON GROUP, our Consultants are constantly creating innovative cultures[…]

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