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In follow-up to our recent posts on the value of social networking (especially LinkedIn), the DARTON team offers the following 7 tips to assist with your social networking endeavors.

Said another way, here are some things you want to know to avoid major faux pas and breaches of etiquette in the brave new world of social networking!

Content is courtesy of Allan Hoffman, Monster Tech Jobs Expert at www.monster.com.

1.  Choose Your Flavor: Understand the specific focus of each social networking site you are considering and choose wisely for the right fit.

2. Understand Site Culture and Rules: Allan Hoffman accurately states that social networking sites can be like high school (complete with social customs and rules).

3. Hone Your Profile: Craft your profile with the same degree of care and concern that you would with your consulting profile and/or resume.

4. Don’t Be Pushy: Be persistent and aggressive but don’t cross the line.

5. Do What You Say You Will: Enough said.  You own your reputation.  Protect it.

6.   Prepare for Face-to-Face Introductions: Online networking often leads to personal meetings.  Be thoughtful, prepare and know what you want to accomplish at each face-to-face meeting. 

7.  Help Yourself by Helping Others: As Allan Hoffman states, “Networking is reciprocal, so do unto others as you’d want done to you. If you’re able to help people, they’ll be more likely to remember you and return the favor.”

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