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DARTON GROUP Consulting was founded in 2008 by two creative leaders with Fortune 500 leadership backgrounds who shared a common vision that businesses, and consultants, deserved something better in the finance, accounting and project management consulting space. The leadership team of DARTON GROUP Consulting is passionate about believing that the most widely-admired and lasting companies are great companies because they center on people. They identified a huge opportunity in the Charlotte region to build a “people-centered” consulting firm that could sustain meaningful careers for highly-experienced finance, accounting and project management professionals…all while driving business results for area companies.

The focus on building a people-centric firm enabled DARTON GROUP Consulting, as a start-up company, to not only survive, but thrive, through the turbulent years of the Great Recession. We launched our business with a passion for serving consultants by offering “career-building” project engagements featuring great pay and phenomenal benefits. This proved to be a winning combination that enabled DARTON GROUP Consulting to rapidly build “word-of-mouth”, and more importantly, relationships with top-tier consulting professionals across the Charlotte region.

The best talent seeks to work with the best. And when you harness the capabilities of the best, you can do amazing work. And that was precisely DARTON GROUP Consulting’s strategy in building the internal competencies required to drive business results for Charlotte region companies seeking finance, accounting and project management expertise. The turbulent economic times have proven to be a change catalyst for businesses, and with change, comes the need for top experts who understand how to drive results with people, processes, and technology. DARTON GROUP Consulting delivers amazing results, and we have rapidly-built relationships with the Charlotte region’s best known companies – contributing to fast-growth and tremendous opportunities with our unique firm.

Along the way to building a team of top-tier consulting professionals and a great roster of clients, we’ve captured some accolades. So allow us to brag just a little bit.

Two of the most respected business journals in the Charlotte region have written about our unique firm and our people-centered business model. Learn more about the DARTON GROUP Consulting story in Greater Charlotte Biz Magazine and The Charlotte Business Journal. Building on her prior career success in the Chicago and Denver markets, Principal Manager Rochelle Rivas has rapidly established a name for herself as a powerhouse female business leader in the Charlotte Region. Rochelle has been the recipient of numerous awards since launching DARTON GROUP Consulting including Charlotte’s “50 Most Influential Women” (The Mecklenburg Times), “Woman Extraordinaire” (Business Leader Charlotte) and “Mover & Shaker” (Business Leader Charlotte).

Great companies also serve the greater good. The founders of the firm were focused on launching a people-centric firm that also served the community…in an exceptionally meaningful way. Working with highly-educated consultants, and having loved ones who change lives as public school teachers, Charlotte-based Classroom Central has been designated as the firm’s official charity. Learn about ways to help this very special, not-for-profit organization and how it impacts the life of students across the Charlotte region.

So that is our story. We center on people. We deliver amazing business results. And we do good for others along the way.