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Managing your personal brand by managing your online identity is mission-critical for today’s business professional.  Whether you are in a consulting role or in a traditional “permanent’ role (by the way, is there really such thing as a “perm” job in today’s world?), having a robust profile on LinkedIn is essential.

While LinkedIn is the most important of social media tools for the modern business professional, other tools exist to complement your online identity.

Take, for example. is a social media platform for representing one’s personal identity online. profiles allow for more self-expression that LinkedIn profiles.  Think of your profile as a happy medium between an ultra-professional LinkedIn profile and a totally casual Facebook profile.  An profile allows you to promote your personal brand in a very professional manner with just the right amount of self-expression to stand out from the crowd. was founded in 2010 and has nearly $6 million in backing from some high-profile folks including Google Ventures and Aol Ventures.

Click on the following names to browse the profiles for several members of the DARTON GROUP leadership team.  And give some thought to creating an profile for yourself!

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