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Lessons LearnedThe September 2009 issue of CFO magazine features a cover story on the hard lessons that CFOs have learned one year after the meltdown on Wall Street.

Team DARTON has reviewed the list of key lessons outlined in the article as follows:

  1. Think differently about cash and credit (CFOs are being more skeptical about the well-being of their banks)
  2. Forget about long-term forecasts (the stormy economy is driving the ongoing need for “now-casts” vs. forecasts)
  3. Keep a closer eye on customers (keeping a heightened focus on customer credit must be an ongoing priority moving forward)
  4. Re-engineer the workforce (more than 50% of CFOs surveyed are looking differently at staffing strategies moving forward – with some firms planning to do more outsourcing!)
  5. Don’t be too cautious (the time is now to build a foundation for future marketshare gains)

Read the full article at http://cfomagazine.com/article.cfm/14292501/c_14292723?f=magazine_coverstory

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