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Take a break from the heat this summer!  “Click and learn” with DARTON University.

DARTON University invites our project consultants to “click and learn” with our complimentary webinar series this summer.

June 15  3 – 4 pm
“Maximize your mind – exercises to make you smarter”
Dr. Vicki Parker will be our guest presenter.  Dr. Parker will share
information on
* Brain health
* How to improve your attention span
* How to improve your memory
* Daily exercises you can do to make yourself smarter!

June 24  9 – 10 am
“So you want to write a book???”
Owning a home may be the American Dream, but writing a book
seems to be a professional dream for many people.  Are you
one of them?  At this webinar, we’ll hear from one person who
wrote a book, one who is in the process, and a publications
specialist who helps people produce their book with an eye on
the marketing possibilities.  You’ll hear
* How publishing a book can enhance your credibility
* How to organize yourself to write (or get it written)
* The challenges to making your dream a reality
* How much the process might cost

July 13    9 – 10 am
“How to have those Difficult Conversations”
Whether you’re managing people, dealing with clients, or talking
to your spouse and kids, sometimes unpleasant topics must be
discussed.  At this session, you’ll learn

* How to stop avoiding the unavoidable
* How to embrace the third-party perspective
* Why you might not know what you think you know
* How to end the conversation for a better outcome

July 14   9 – 10 am
“Managing Expectations”  (CPE)
Positive outcomes are the result of work well done AND
expectations reasonably set.  At this webinar, you’ll learn
* Why we tend to over-promise
* How to minimize surprises
* The importance of the wrap-up message

July 20    3 – 4 pm
July 21    9 – 10 am
“Email management for the busy professional”  (CPE)
Do you suffer from email overwhelm?  Is your inbox
stuffed with messages that you have no idea what to do
with and have probably forgotten about?  If you’re
suffering from email clutter, this webinar will teach you how to
* Eliminate email efficiently
* Reduce the number of emails you receive
* Use OUTLOOK tools so that email will HELP you

Aug 3      9 – 10 am
Aug 4      3 – 4 pm
“Would I work for me?”  (CPE)
Managing people is hard work — maybe the hardest work in
business.  Learning to manage effectively is critical to team
success and to progressing in your career.  At this session,
you’ll learn
* What employees want from their managers
* Why accountability is the glue that holds a team together
* The most important skill a manager can have

Aug 18    9 – 10 am
Aug 23    3 – 4 pm
“Cross-selling–it’s good for your clients!”  (CPE)
Many CPAs struggle with the idea of selling, even to their
existing clients.  But your clients need other services you
provide, and they benefit from learning about them.  At
this session, you’ll learn
* How to uncover your clients’ needs
* How to focus on benefits rather than services
* Why not cross-selling can cause you to lose clients – forever!

Note:  All times are Eastern Daylight Savings

CPE=Certificates of attendance/participation will be provided to participants who request such, based on information outlined by the North Carolina State Board of Accountancy.  No course is guaranteed to qualify for CPE by your State Board.  Each individual’s CPE is judged on his/her level of experience and expertise AND on the content of the course attended.

Registration is limited and is available to all DARTON consultants on a “first come, first served” basis. Registration closes 48 hours prior to each webinar event. To register, please send an email to careers@dartongroup.com.

Call DARTON at 704+525+9378 with questions.

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