Companies looking to attract top talent should offer a flexible work environment
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There’s no question that working from home is on the forefront when it comes to flexible work arrangements. But many questions remain as to whether it’s possible to structure telecommuting to maximize employee morale without sacrificing the collaborative and social aspects of physical office space. It is possible — but only if we stop thinking of telecommuting arrangements as all-or-nothing propositions that are either good or bad for every organization.

For businesses, the option of letting employees work from home is key to recruitment and retention efforts and disaster continuity strategies — even as critics argue that working remotely hinders collaboration and creativity. According to a June 2013 Bureau of Labor Statistics study, nearly one in four employees worked at least part of the time from home. And nearly one in ten U.S. workers telecommutes at least one day per week, reports the U.S. Census Bureau.

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