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This past Monday (10.27.08), DARTON partner Mark Weber had the opportunity to enjoy lunch and network with members and guests at the Matthews Rotary Club.

The guest speaker was meteorologist Terri Bennett.  Terri is well known in the Carolinas for her past years as a television weather personality on both WCNC-TV and WSOC-TV.

Since leaving television in 2007, Terri has been sharing her wealth of knowledge about weather, astronomy, gardening and the environment through her own website (www.terribennett.com) and other media outlets. 

Terri opted to focus her presentation on small steps that each of us can take to help protect the environment.  Her suggestions were sound, practical and reasonable.

From a corporate America perspective, more and more companies are adopting “green strategies”.  And these green strategies have a definitive impact in the world of finance.

Want to learn more?

CFO.com is offering a free webcast on November 18, 2008 entitled “Green Strategy and the CFO:  At the Crossroads between Profitability and Sustainability“.  The event is free and begins at 10:00 a.m. Eastern for 1 hour.  Learn more and sign-up at http://www.cfo.com/webcasts/index.cfm/l_eventdetail?webcast=12431440&f=home_webcasts.

From a local Carolinas perspective, take the opportunity to visit www.terribennett.com.  The DARTON team enjoys Terri’s videos (located in the “Do Your Part” section of the site) that feature tips on how to make a difference at home and in the workplace.

Thanks to the Matthews Rotary Club for hosting a great meeting.  Learn more about this great service organization at http://www.matthewsrotary.org/.

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