DARTON GROUP Announces Website Redesign
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Redesign integrates DARTON GROUP’s popular blog, The DARTON EQUATION, into a fresh, new, mobile-friendly website uniquely designed for professionals “on-the-go”.

Charlotte, October 29, 2012 – The DARTON GROUP has launched a redesigned website (dartongroup.com).  The new site, the first major redesign since 2008, was designed to serve as an information portal for both professional consultants in the senior finance, accounting and project management space and business leaders who could benefit from their expertise.   The redesign integrates the firm’s popular blog, The DARTON EQUATION, which delivers news, tips and forward-thinking perspectives for highly-experienced finance/accounting/project management professionals.

Having launched The DARTON EQUATION in 2008, DARTON GROUP pioneered the concept of “blogging” as a means to deliver fresh, meaningful and targeted content to the senior finance, accounting and project management community across the greater Charlotte region.  “Our new website enables us to better serve the growing audience of professionals who turn to DARTON GROUP to provide perspective on the dynamic and fast-changing business and labor markets on a local market basis,” says Mark Weber, DARTON GROUP co-founder and Managing Partner.

Additionally, DARTON GROUP’s new website provides ease of use for busy professionals “on-the-go”.  Explains Rochelle Rivas, DARTON GROUP’s co-founder and Managing Partner, “With increasing frequency, our consultants and clients are accomplishing work using mobile devices like tablets and smart phones.  We believe it important to offer a communication platform and website that accommodates the mobile technologies that senior professionals use today to move business forward.”

With a focus on supporting the region’s growing entrepreneurial community, DARTON GROUP retained the services of Charlotte-based Woland Technology to lead the site’s redesign.  Led by founder Lena Lumelsky, Woland Technology provides creative, high-impact communication services to a cross-section of professional services firms and non-profit organizations across the region.

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