DARTON University March Webinar:  The DARTON Equation – Consultant Orientation
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What does it mean to be a DARTON Consultant?  What does it take to succeed as a DARTON Consultant?  We bring in only the best, and we want to help you continue to be the best.  At this session, we’ll discuss topics like:

  • The Mission of DARTON GROUP
  • How we support our Consultants
  • The outlook for the consulting industry
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of being a successful Consultant
  • Personal Branding as a Consultant
  • Development opportunities available to DARTON Consultants

New Consultants and those new to the DARTON GROUP should absolutely attend.  If you’ve been a Consultant or with DARTON GROUP for awhile, you’ll still benefit, and we’d love to have your insights during the discussion as well.

DATE:  March 7

TIME:  7 – 8 p.m. via WebEx

RSVP by March 5th to daltman@dartongroup.com

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