Desk Zen: Make Your Desk a Place You Want To Be
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Looking at a computer screen can really take its toll on your vision and mood. Studies have proven that looking at computer screens for long period of time can cause headaches, stress and tension all over your body and joints. Sprinkling these items around your desk will really help your work-flow-mojo.


Bananas have been proven to really boost your body with a healthy dose of potassium. Potassium helps regulate blood pressure which will allow you to not only have a break to eat it but equip your body with some decompressing power! Keep one on hand in your drawer and be ready to peel away the stress.


Recently, studies have shown that adult coloring books have been able to clear your mind and lower the hormone release of cortisol. Cortisol is healthy to do the body to ensure a healthy immune system but at the same time, when the body experiences stress the body gives off bursts of it. These bursts are not so healthy. Taking 10 minutes to color will actually lower these bursts and calm your mind. Not to mention they are beautiful!


We are all guilty of the “OH GOSH!!! It’s 3:00PM” syndrome. You get so busy with your day you forgot to eat, drink, or even stand. Keeping water on hand will keep you hydrated and also remind your body to tell you to eat. If you haven’t already eaten your banana then have some healthy choices on top of your desk. Suggestions: Nuts, apple slices, hummus and pretzels, avocado with salt and pepper, veggie chips.


Ok, before you roll your eyes, think about it. A bubble bath is usually calming and the smell of a spa could probably stop a war. So why wouldn’t you want to have access to a mental bubble bath or a mental spa day? Have a small container of lavender oil and just dab it on your neck to have a faint aroma that will help you decompress for a few moments and has been proven to lower anxiety.


Plants are the best, aren’t they? Not only do they clean up your air, but they look good doing it. Make sure you get one that fits your style. Seasonal plants are always fun because you can add a little bit of color and style to your corner. As a personal note pad, you could even paint the bottom in chalk paint and write yourself reminders so you have to look at it.

6. A RUG

Rugs will soften your corridors. It will add depth to your space and cause your eye to travel. Instead of the only thing that is bright being your computer, you will also be able to kick your shoes off and stay a while. Nothing over the top is needed, just something that fits nicely under your chair. Back to the science of it all: Sharp, blank spaces often promote depression and isolation. Bringing items that add comfort (lamps, pants and rugs) will also keep you focused, calm and comfortable.

Written by Janna Smith

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