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silicon.com (http://www.silicon.com), the UK’s leading technology and business publication, recently published 5 technology tips to help CFOs grow their companies.  DARTON suggests that these 5 tips have merit at any time for growth-focused CFOs.

5 things CFOs must do in IT after recession

  1. Standardize financial processes across the organization.
  2. Standardize on a single, global financial technology platform.
  3. Consider the benefits of new technology (e.g. cloud computing).
  4. Look to automation.
  5. Move from transactions to intelligence.

With a team having experience in Business Intelligence, ERP implementations and upgrades, process improvement and more, DARTON can assist CFOs in delivering highly experienced, technology-savvy finance and accounting project professionals.  We deliver the right talent – at the right price – to help cost-conscious CFOs grow their companies.

Learn more about DARTON at www.dartongroup.com.

Read the full article from silicon.com at http://www.silicon.com/management/finance/2010/03/03/five-things-cfos-must-do-in-it-after-recession-39745539/2/.

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