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Man in Life PreserverH1N1 is in the daily headlines.

Our clients have executed pandemic drills.

We have secured remote computer access for some of our senior-level consultants on engagement.

The count of people we know who have had (or are now fighting swine flu) grows weekly.

DARTON GROUP is doing its part in helping to keep our consultants, clients and internal team on the healthy (and productive) side of life.

We like the handy “Pandemic Quick Card” that OSHA has created to minimize the impact of illness during pandemic influenza.  Unlike many tip sheets, OSHA has focused on the concept of “social distancing” in addition to providing standard hygiene tips. 

View OSHA’s “Pandemic Quick Card” here:  http://www.osha.gov/Publications/protect-yourself-pandemic.pdf.

For more information and tips to remain healthy:

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