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A mix of what’s been on our radar at DARTON GROUP this week.

  • LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Today, a new service that delivers the day’s top news, tailored to you based on what your connection and industry peers are reading and sharing.
  • 20 great questions for consultants to ask to get up and running on a  new project.
  • MrExcel and CFO magazine deliver another terrific Excel tip that combines color and macros.
  • Let the good times roll! CFO optimism is rising and is at the highest level since early 2007 according to the latest CFO magazine/Duke UniversityGlobal CFO Survey“.
  • What do CFOs believe to be the most crucial issues facing their companies in 2011?
  • Are forensic accountants among this century’s greatest crime fighters?
  • DARTON consultants are learning how to take their networking skills to the next level thanks to DARTON University’s March webinar scheduled for 3.16.11.
  • Project Management is both an “art” and a “science”.  Communication skills rule supreme.

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