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Here’s a mix of what has been on our radar this week at DARTON GROUP.

  1. March Madness is running rampant!  We learned that there are lessons from March Madness that can be applied to the world of Project Management!
  2. This month’s CREW Charlottefeatured member” is none other than DARTON GROUP co-founder Rochelle Rivas!
  3. Rhino Assembly Corporation in Charlotte gets high profile attention this week from the White House.
  4. Accounting Today published its annual list of the “Top 1oo” accounting firms.
  5. We learned 4 ways that companies can be more like a jazz combo to improve performance.
  6. It keeps getting better.  LinkedIn now allows users to reorder the sections in their profiles by dragging and dropping.
  7. According to the Wall Street Journal, competition for highly experienced candidates is heating up in more than one industry (by the way, we are absolutely seeing this phenomenon take place in the greater Charlotte region).
  8. Our training partner, Denise Altman, has been named as one of the Charlotte region’s “50 Most Influential Women” by The Mecklenburg Times.

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