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It has been a hot hot hot week in the Charlotte region and at DARTON GROUP this week.  Here’s a mix of what’s been on our radar the past few days.

  1. Resume and Interview Tips:  Read the DARTON article in today’s “pull out” section of the Charlotte Business Journal that features ProNet Charlotte – – a creative organization that has masterfully cracked the code on how to marry the private and public sectors to provide quality services to professionals in career transition.
  2. Long-Term Job Search Statistics:  According to an article in today’s Wall Street Journal, North Carolina and South Carolina share the dubious distinction (along with 4 other states) of having a disproportionate problem with long-term unemployment in 2010.
  3. Economic Warmth in the SE USAArea Development magazine suggests that the economy is warming in the South Atlantic states.
  4. Manners Matter:  Question:  Are there manners appropriate for LinkedIn?  Answer:  Yes! 
  5. Being Liked Also Matters:  In consulting, being liked and building trust is essential to success.

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