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Blogs are a great (and often fun) way to keep informed of trends in Corporate America and to keep your business skills polished.

And there is no shortage of talented bloggers based right here in the Queen City.

DARTON GROUP recommends that you get to know the following blogs.

  1. BizTechTalk:  is published by Adam Young, a Business Advisory Consultant at Grant Thornton.  Adam writes his blog to “discuss the dynamic relationship between business and technology”.  Adam’s blog is new, but should be interesting to follow based on his Twitter presence!
  2. On the Economy: The Charlotte Observer’s Kirsten Valle writes about “businesses’ failures and successes, rising unemployment rates and the return of hope to the Charlotte region”.
  3. Beancounter Ramblings:  Proof the CPAs can take care of serious business while enjoying life.  Chad and Donna at Bordeaux & Bordeaux Certified Public Accountants in Lake Wylie, SC use video, humor, statistics and other tools to educate their readers.
  4. CLT Blog:  A growing team of bloggers “cover the Queen City: its music, art, nightlife, sports, politics, economy, past, and future”.

And, of course, we invite all to follow DARTON EQUATION, our blog here at DARTON GROUP.

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