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Denise Altman, MBA, CPA, CPBA
Director, Enterprise Learning & Development

I’m Denise Altman, and I’m excited to be the new Director of Enterprise Learning & Development for DARTON GROUP.  I’m here to provide resources to you, our valued consultants, to help you grow, learn and continue your great work.  So, tell me what you need.

We’re already planning monthly training sessions (webinars, webcasts, etc.) on non-technical areas like communication, memory, negotiation, creativity, and presentation skills. We believe, and our clients affirm this to us regularly, that technical skills are only one part of being a great consultant.  The really great ones have technical skills AND people skills.

This year we’re offering “DARTON CERTIFIED” status to all consultants who attend at least 8 of the 12 training opportunities we offer.  Your Certification will demonstrate your commitment to ongoing development in non-technical skills.  Our clients will appreciate knowing that their consultants are committed to being the best in the business — technically AND in the soft skills.

We’re also planning quarterly events to allow you to come together for social and networking time.  Watch this site for more specifics on all of these upcoming events.

I invite you to contact me anytime via email at daltman@dartongroup.com, or by phone at the DARTON office Extension 725.  Come on–give me a piece of your mind – and let’s grow it together in 2013!

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