Meet the Cliff Jumpers
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Those who know us know that DARTON GROUP thinks differently.  We take pride in being a bit unusual.  Differentiation, and a unique way of thinking, are essential to DARTON GROUP’s ability to solve problems, to delight our clients, and to launch career-building engagements for our consultants.

That’s why a recent article about “rogue” accountants in The New York Times caught our eye.  Meet the Cliff Jumpers.

Cliff Jumpers are “non-traditional” accountants who have abandoned the traditional “bill-by-the-hour” approach to focus on non-commodity accounting solutions for specific client groups.  Examples of these niche groups include:

  • Creative professionals who struggled to manage their finances as their start-ups became mature businesses
  • Entrepreneurs hoping to sell their new businesses
  • People who are terrified about starting a small business

Cliff Jumpers argue that the notion of charging by units of time (as popularized in the 1950s) is outdated.  The fundamental nature of work has changed, and Cliff Jumpers believe that the fee models used by professional services firms must change accordingly.

Read more about Cliff Jumpers and their fresh way of thinking in the accounting profession here.

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