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For those of you who have spent time getting to know the team at DARTON GROUP, it is quite likely that you have heard us promote the benefits of LinkedIn www.linkedin.com

In driving our project consulting business, the DARTON team optimizes opportunities for our associates through networking.  We are passionate about networking and are absolute believers in the adage “it’s all about who you know”. 

LinkedIn is a terrific tool that uses the power of technology to optimize networking.


Did you know…

– 100% of Fortune 500 companies are represented on LinkedIn?

– 130 different industries are represented on LinkedIn?

– 130,000 recruiters are represented on LinkedIn?


LinkedIn has become so popular that some in the business world regard it as “unprofessional” for a business person to not have a profile on this fast-growing networking site.

Not familiar with LinkedIn?  Needing to enhance your understanding of LinkedIn?

The DARTON team highly recommends the LinkedIn Learning Center.  Visit at http://learn.linkedin.com/.

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