NAME TAGS, YUCK! 5 Crucial Points to Remember At Networking Events
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We have all been there, you are invited to an event and you need to make the best of it. Here are some tips of how to get the most out of your experience. The whole reason you are attending is because these are your peers, its exposure to something new, you have a common goal, or you are expanding your network. Regardless of the bottom line, let’s be prepared to take advantage of every moment.

These 5 Points will assist you in getting the most out of every meeting:

1. Research

Dig in and get to know the event. Is it casual? Is it formal? Who is going to attend? These questions will lead you to not only dress appropriately but will give you leads on who you want to focus on meeting. Set your mind on meeting at least 3 core people. These 3 people will be the ones that you will spend time getting to know, so be prepared to know something about them beforehand. Asking questions specifically to their talents will not only keep them interested in conversation but show you are proactive. Inevitably, this individual could be the assistance needed to make future connections, information on your next endeavor or simply making you better at your own competencies.

2. Name Tags

Name tags are not the rage! There is not a single person that gets excited about wearing a sticker or pinning something on their clothing. But do it right if you have to do it. Make sure if you have to write it, that it is clearly legible so it is actually helpful. Always attach your name tag on your right side so it is in direct sight when shaking hands to reinforce your name when stating it. Some people are visual and others are not.

3. Bring Your Business Cards

This one is a no-brainer! People at these events are meeting more people than just you. Give them something to remember you by. It will come in handy for the 5th point. Also make sure you ask them for one as well. Always make sure you have a way of contacting them after the event. Changes are you are a face in the crowd until you meet again.

4. Excuse Yourself Properly

Never excuse yourself on the grounds of “This person can’t do anything for me”. 10 minutes of your spent chatting with someone could be your game-changer. People know people. Those people know people. That person could be the one that brings you to your next level. Once the time comes to split away, thank them for their time and even ask for a business card so you can keep in touch. Now you can move on

5. Reflection

While everything is still fresh on your mind, take some notes. Write down some facts about the individuals you met: job duties, hobbies, who they mentioned in conversation and why, family life, reason you want to spend more time getting to know them, etc. After your notes have been taken, send a follow-up email that thanks them for their time speaking with you and set the stage to meet them again soon while you are fresh on their minds. Make sure your communication doesn’t fall off. Ask them to coffee or lunch and keep the lines of communication flowing.

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