Preparing for a Consulting Engagement Client Interview
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Your consulting profile/resume has earned you the interview/meeting.  At this point, the client would like to meet you to discuss your qualifications, get a sense for your personal style, and determine how you would fit into the organization.  Your DARTON GROUP representative will help mentor you to ensure that you are fully prepared for the upcoming client meeting.  Consulting interviews are different than the traditional “permanent” job interviews that many people have experienced in the past.

These tips, in addition to the mentorship and formal interview preparation assistance offered by your DARTON GROUP representative will help ensure that you have a successful client meeting!

During the interview…

1) …have your DARTON GROUP Consulting profile or resume handy, and ask if the client would LIKE A COPY. An interview is not the time to be shy – most people bring their resumes but just keep them hidden in their padfolios. Bring it out and offer them one – it shows you’re proactive, and if they say no, you’ll have it in front of you if you need to refer to it.

2) Project great energy. This one is HUGE.  Interpersonal skills can make or break a consulting engagement!  Often times, interviewees are nervous, shy, and stone-faced.  DARON GROUP Consultants are typically upbeat, enthusiastic, cheerful, and have great energy. How do you do this? Simple – smile a lot. Project when you communicate. Use hand gestures and display great presentation skills. Maintain eye contact, and lean forward just slightly. Laugh a little – at yourself, at a joke – to help you (and the interviewer) relax. Even the most experienced interviewers can be a little tense when asking questions, and realize that they’re in the same boat. Help calm the situation for both of you, and you’ll be way ahead in the game.

3) Prepare and ask smart follow-up questions. After spending time listening to the client and understanding the problems that they are facing, you’ll have the opportunity to demonstrate to the client how you have specifically provided expertise to deliver solutions that delighted other clients with identical, or similar, issues.

If you have questions regarding interviewing for a consulting engagement, please contact your DARTON GROUP representative for more information!

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