Similar Is Not Memorable
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Just last week, we read online one of our favorite business quotes in a very long time (courtesy of Jeff Haden, a LinkedIn Influencer).

The quote?

“In order to succeed, almost everyone -whether business owner or employee – must not only stand out but also be memorable”.

Note – we believe it goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway!) that it pays for professionals to be memorable in a “good” way versus a “bad” way.

As entrepreneurs, business owners and philanthropists, DARTON GROUP co-founders Rochelle Rivas and Mark Weber have the unique opportunity, each and every week, to meet new people across the Charlotte region.  This equates to one big adventure in networking for the DARTON GROUP team.  Our weekly adventures in networking are truly enhanced by those folks that we meet who are living their lives in a memorable way.  We remember those folks who tell us about their adventures as “extras” in Charlotte’s movie and television industry.  We marvel at those folks who tell us about getting on stage to sing their hearts out in a concert hall full of strangers.  We applaud the weekend athlete preparing for her first 5k event.

As Jeff Haden shared in his article last week, “People who are memorable for the right reasons live richer, fuller and more satisfying personal lives”.

So as a professional, are you working hard to look, act, and sound like others?  Or are you working hard to be memorable?

Check out Jeff Haden’s post on LinkedIn here for 6 great tips on how to be memorable.

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