Social Media in Business: Facebook versus Twitter
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Some businesses concentrate on using only Twitter and some concentrate more on Facebook. For me the combination for both Facebook and Twitter is the best combination.

Understanding the two platforms helps you understand the strengths of each other which allows you to use each of them to its full potential. If we compare Twitter and Facebook, we will see that Facebook is actually more personal compared to Twitter. With Facebook it is a whole different level of relationship that is built between users. With Facebook you are able to set up a personal profile, a professional profile, a business page or a fan page. Although you are able to set up different accounts on Twitter, they essentially have the same functions as Facebook.  With Facebook, you have all kinds of choices; Twitter’s biggest strength is its speed. No one can defeat Twitter when it comes to speed. When things happen in the business world, Twitter is one of the most common ways to keep the public informed.

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