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On 09.02.08, Sarah Needleman of The Wall Street Journal’s “CareerJournal” published a number of job search tips designed for the mature job seeker (50 or older).

The advice is overall very solid and on target.

That said, the team at Darton Group (Mark Weber and Rochelle Rivas ) believes that some of the advice is relevant to job seekers of all ages.  We also see applicability for both those seeking “permanent” roles as well as those who prefer the contract consulting space.

Sarah Needleman consulted with Lynne Sarikas (Director, MBA Career Center at Northeastern University in Boston) and offers 5 strategy tips.  Highlights include:

  1. Prepare Mentally:  It takes an average of 22 weeks for someone over 55 to find a new job.
  2. Target Niche Recruiters:  Network with search professionals who specialize in your industry or job function.  Note:  The Darton Group, for example, exclusively serves highly experienced accounting and finance professionals.
  3. Make New Connections:  Broaden your networking circle…and be certain to utilize web-based networking sites including LinkedIn www.linkedin.com and Plaxo www.plaxo.com.
  4. Get Tech Savvy:  Take the time to figure out and understand text messaging, instant messaging, social networking and other tech-related activities.
  5. Curb Age Bias:  Tackle head on some of the common, unspoken predispositions that hiring managers may have about senior-level candidates.  And manage your image…from hair to shoes.

Read the full article at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB122030336305688087.html.

Helpful Links:

MBA Career Center @ Northeastern University in Boston:                                 http://www.cba.neu.edu/grad/index.cfm?page=226&nav=62#Resume

The Darton Group:  www.dartongroup.com

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