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Mark Weber of DARTON GROUP attended the 2nd Charlotte CFO Alliance Breakfast Roundtable meeting today at Carmel Country Club.

The topic of discussion?

“A ‘Risky’ Balancing Act: How To Control Risks While Still Meeting Increasing Performance Standards”

The meeting was facilitated by Jon Duchac, Professor of Accounting, at Wake Forest University.  With a cross-section of CFOs from companies across the greater Charlotte region participating, today’s “risk-centric” discussion centered on the concept of how to manage “downside risk” with “upside reward”.

Some interesting discussion points to consider…

  1. The biggest risk is the one you don’t know about.
  2. Companies typically manage “hazard” risk exceptionally well.
  3. Better management of “strategic” risk represents a tremendous opportunity for most companies (strategic risk includes:  customer demand shortfall, competitive pressures, M&A integration problems, customer pricing, loss of a key customer, etc.).
  4. There is considerable opportunity for most companies to better manage “operational” risk (to include:  cost overruns, accounting irregularities, management issues, supply chain issues, foreign macro-economic issues, etc.).

Interestingly enough, 3 of the 6 roundtable discussions today addressed the issue of  “brand risk” tied to social media trends across the world.

Learn more about the Charlotte chapter of The CFO Alliance at http://thecfoalliance.org/charlotte/.

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