The Dutch, Accountants, Paintings and Perspective
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We just read an incredibly fascinating online article in The Boston Globe entitled “The vanished grandeur of accounting”.

The writer, Jacob Soll (a professor of history at the University of Southern California and author of a newly published book, “The Reckoning: Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations”) writes a compelling piece that contrasts the esteem that Dutch society held for accounting professionals with today’s ‘nerdy accountant” stereotype.

The Dutch (who dominated world trade for more than 200 years), saw good accounting as the key to both their wealth and the moral health of their society.  Dutch artists were known for their lavish and detailed paintings of accountants (thereby creating a defined genre in Dutch art).  To the audience of the time, the paintings carried a clear message: Mastering finance was an achievement requiring both skill and humility.

As consultants in the finance and accounting space, DARTON GROUP believes that “balancing the books” represents much more than a mundane activity to be completed every month, quarter and year.  Like the Dutch from years ago, we understand the skill and honor required to be an outstanding professional in the accounting space.  And we believe in the “bigger picture” and greater good that accompanies excellence in the accounting profession.

Read Jacob Soll’s article here.

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