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charlotte-skyline-duskEvery quarter, The Business Growth Index is published in partnership between UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte Chamber

As stated by the Chamber, the  publication is “an initiative designed to provide analysts and decision makers in the private and public sectors with timely information about the current and near-term health of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg economy”.

Said another way, it could be considered a crystal ball (using reason and logic) to help those of us on the DARTON team to predict the economic future (near-term) here in metro Charlotte.

The most recent Index was released a couple of weeks ago on 11.24.08. 

Some key factoids?

  1. The outlook for the local economy is flat to slow, modest decline through March 2009.
  2. The pace of job loss in Charlotte is half the national pace.
  3. Help wanted linage (a measure of local hiring plans) declined 5.4% in September 2008 (with a 13.4% loss year over year).

So what does it all mean?

Per UNC Charlotte and the Charlotte Chamber, “..we expect the Charlotte region to out-perform the nation”. 

Sure, skeptics will claim that is it the Chamber’s job to present a sunny outlook.  That said, it is DARTON’s perspective that UNC Charlotte and the Chamber do an admirable job of presenting a balanced view of the Charlotte economy in the quarterly Index.

Read the Index at http://www.charlottechamber.com/index.php?src=gendocs&ref=EconomicForecast&category=Business_Profile&submenu=Business_Profile.

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