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Given the great recession, it would be normal for corporate leaders to put any fear of talent shortages to rest.

That would be a mistake.

Labor force experts continue to remind us that the risk of talent shortages is real.  And this issue is not just a long-term issue.  Here in Charlotte, for example, DARTON GROUP is assisting companies who are struggling to find Project Managers to support transformation initiatives in their finance and accounting operations. 

Deloitte has published a “talent” report this month that is based on survey results from 300+ global business executives across industry sectors.  The report supports the fact that progressive executives understand the realities of the talent shortage issue – – and are taking action in response.

Key findings include:

  • The talent paradox is already creating key shortages: High unemployment rates have not created the talent surplus as predicted. On the contrary, many executives predict talent shortages across key business units.
  • Companies are increasingly challenged to develop the next generation of leaders: With the retirement of Baby Boomers, many executives are concerned over their companies’ leadership development programs and pipelines.
  • The race for talent is global: Once-emerging markets of the pre-recession days have become the catalyst for future growth, placing tremendous demands on talent managers to get the new people in new jobs at new locations.
  • World Class” talent leaders are pursuing a different agenda: Executives who describe their company’s talent programs as “world class” appear to have a different set of priorities and a stronger focus on long-term talent investments.
  • Companies with retention plans in place are moving beyond anxiety and taking action: Even though most executives are concerned about retention, only those companies with an existing retention plan are moving beyond anxiety and focusing on initiatives.

Read Deloitte’s report (entitled Talent Edge 2020) here.

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