Three Indispensable Skills for Every Project or Program Professional
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The Project Management Institute’s (PMI’s) “Professional Development” section of its website offers helpful tips and great advice for project and program management professionals at all levels of career experience. We recently revisited an article published by PMI last year entitled “Three Must-Have Skills for Portfolio Managers” and we couldn’t agree more with one of the perspectives shared by the organization.

So what is this particular “pearl of wisdom”?

Managing at the project and program level is no longer enough for successful organizations. Increasingly, a higher-level perspective is needed to ensure those projects drive business goals.  PMI suggests there are three indispensable skills every project or program professional needs to see the bigger picture.

  1. A Business Mindset Keen on Strategic Alignment
  2. Financial Management Know-How
  3. Flawless Risk Management

For more information on these “mission-critical” skills, click here.

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