What is a Supertemp and Why Should You Care?
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So what is a “Supertemp” and why should you care?

The May 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review features an article entitled “The Rise of the Supertemp”.  The premise of the article is one with which the DARTON GROUP team fully agrees.  The best executive and professional jobs may no longer be full-time gigs.

There is a huge shift that is happening NOW in how high-end work is being accomplished in business, and the prevailing media and corporate cultures have been largely blind to this trend.  The HBR article spotlights the growing trend of how high-end work is increasingly being performed by “Supertemps”, defined as top managers and professionals (from lawyers to CFOs to consultants) who’ve been trained at top schools and companies and choose to pursue project-based careers independent of any major firm.

Supertemps are growing in numbers.  HBR suggests that they are on the verge of changing how business works (DARTON GROUP believes this is already happening given our experience in the Charlotte region).

So who is a Supertemp?

  • Supertemps are refugees from big corporations, law firms and consulting firms
  • Supertemps value the autonomy and flexibility of project-based work
  • Supertemps find that the compensation is comparable to what they earned in full-time jobs (sometimes even better)
  • Supertemps leave behind endless internal meetings and corporate politics
  • Supertemps find any stigma on temporary jobs, and the people who chose them, as laughably dated

So what is driving this shift in high-end work?

  • Technology makes it easy to plug-in
  • Job security in corporate America is no longer a given
  • More and more high-end professionals are searching for alternatives to 80-hour work weeks
  • Corporate America follows the talent
  • The surge in outsourcing and consulting in recent years has caused corporate managers to rethink how work is accomplished in the high-end space

Read the HBR article here (registration is required to read the full article).

For more information on the Supertemp trend from a Charlotte perspective, contact Mark Weber (Managing Partner, DARTON GROUP) at 704-697-1187 or Rochelle Rivas (Managing Partner, DARTON GROUP) at 704-697-1186.

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