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So what is VDC (Virtual Delivery Capability)?

And why should you care to know?

Most experts agree that the US economy is recovering.  And one of the top challenges facing businesses endeavoring to grow is how to expand delivery capability before they can afford (or are ready) to hire W-2 employees.

VDC or Virtual Delivery Capability is the ability to deliver a service using non-W-2 staff.  As featured in the latest issue of CONSULTING magazine (May/June 2010), VDC “enables companies and organizations to bid on projects, staff those projects, and effectively respond to those opportunities that the W-2 organization, on its own, could not properly manage”.

The key to expanding capabilities via a VDC strategy is to consider a combination of the following 3 approaches:

  1. Partner with other organizations
  2. Establish relationships with individuals who have particular skills
  3. Build relationships with recruiters who have special knowledge of experienced people in your arena.

Learn more about VDC strategies and the benefits of using a virtual staffing model to grow at CONSULTING magazine.

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