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For those interested in putting their expertise to work in the consulting field, there are many, many firms out there (running the continuum from “institutional” firms to “boutique” firms like DARTON GROUP).  This week, the Institute of Management Consultants USA published some great information to help consultants find the “right” firm.

We think the following tip is right on the mark…

“More than ever, the choice of firm size is about lifestyle and risk. If you are looking for flexibility, a chance to put your own mark on your practice, and are willing to tolerate some risk, a smaller or solo practice is attractive. If you are looking for the largest engagements or prefer large teams, prefer or need knowledge assets developed by larger firms, and prefer the more institutional lifestyle, then a larger firm is where you need to be. No decision is forever, so if you want to try a boutique firm and you don’t like it, you can always switch.”

Read the full article here.

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